Foods to Nourish Blood

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Blood is the mother of Qi and Blood follows Qi.

Caring for your Blood 

Qi and Blood are your life force. Blood is the mother of Qi, but Blood can’t flow and pump without Qi. They depend on each other and give you vitality. In order to feel your best, you should do things that replenish and renew your Qi and Blood. This includes getting adequate sleep, exercising, and eating nutrient dense foods. Here, we will focus on how you can nourish your Blood because you deserve to feel better. 

Blood Deficiency

Blood in Chinese Medicine is a vital substance that nourishes and moistens tissues in the body, circulates Qi, houses the Mind, and determines menstruation. Blood can become deficient by poor diet or absorption, excessive exercise, traumatic injury, overthinking, stress, or menorrhagia. 

Symptoms of Blood Deficiency

Pale complexion, lips, tongue, or nailbeds; visual spots, thinness, hair loss, dry hair, dry skin, constipation, poor memory, headaches, fatigue, anemia, amenorrhea or scanty menses. 

Foods You Should Eat to Nourish Blood

Note: we honor all diets and convictions so feel free to avoid any foods you do not eat

Animal products – red meat in particular; beets, salmon, leafy greens, spinach, foods rich in chlorophyll/iron/folate/b12, gelatin, royal jelly, bone broth, and beef, lamb, or chicken liver for the more adventurous eaters. 

Foods You Should Avoid

Spicy foods, ginger, excessive use of aromatic spices like raw garlic or raw onions. 

Recipes to help you nourish your Blood

Pro Tips

  1. Cook with a cast iron pan to infuse your foods with more iron to fortify your Blood.
  2. Cook your dark leafy greens so your body can readily absorb iron and other nutrients.
  3. If you plan your meals for the week, you can be sure you are getting plenty of foods to nourish your Blood.
  4. Stay hydrated—there is a lot of water in Blood.
  5. Exercise to improve circulation and blood flow.

Now that You Know How to Care for Your Blood

Women can suffer from Blood Deficiency disproportionately to men because of losing blood on a monthly basis with the menstrual cycle and childbirth. However, men can also develop blood deficiency. If you think you need support, your favorite acupuncturists in Washington, DC are ready to care for you and your Blood with acupuncture, a customized herbal formula, moxibustion, and dietary suggestions. You can schedule your appointment here.

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