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Certain medical issues—nausea, seasonal allergies, and constipation, for instance—are sometimes considered “sub-clinical” and not treated. Our acupuncturists never overlook these issues—they indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. You deserve to feel better whether your symptoms are mild or severe. We understand that you need every part of your body working correctly, and our acupuncturists can address your specific issues to help you feel better.

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Benefits of Holistic Medicine for Internal Issues

Your internal medicine issues are not separate from the other health problems you might be experiencing. Traditional Chinese Medicine can relate symptoms which seem to have nothing to do with each other into a single diagnosis and treat them all at once.

Safe and natural Chinese herbal medicine can help replace some medications for internal issues. Our herbs tend to have fewer side effects and can be easier on your internal organs.

Nutrition and lifestyle can also help heal internal problems and prevent them from happening. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition recommendations together are a winning combination for treating internal issues!

Our Approach to Internal Medincine

As holistic medicine practitioners, our acupuncturists diagnose the Traditional Chinese Medicine pattern at the root of your internal medicine issues. They’ll then use all aspects of Chinese Medicine to help you feel your best:

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Herbal Medicine

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Don't want to leave the house more than absolutely necessary? Tired of sanitizing your hands over and over? Our board certified acupuncturists can treat many conditions via telemedicine, especially if you're dealing with internal medicine issues or women's health issues.

Our acupuncturists can diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan via telemedicine. That plan may include nutrition suggestions, a custom herbal medicine formula, or both.

To set up a telemedicine consult, book an appointment, and select the “Telemedicine Herbal/Nutrition Consult” option.

Not sure if telemedicine is right for you? Submit our telemedicine form, letting us know you’re interested. We’ll get back to you within about 24 hours and help you figure out what best suits your needs!

Symptoms We Can Help you With

Traditional Chinese Medicine can treat way more than just pain. When paired with Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, and cupping or gua sha, our acupuncturists can help resolve a wide variety of internal medicine problems.


  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Dream-disturbed sleep
  • Pain preventing sleep
  • Reduce sleep medications
  • Frequent bathroom use at night

GI Disorders

  • Acid reflux/heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Loose stools
  • Abdominal discomfort/pain
  • Nausea (usually correlated with medication)
  • Hemorrhoids

Upper Respiratory (Ear, Nose, and Throat)

Skin Disorders

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • dry skin
  • Rosacea
  • Psoriasis

Eye Disorders

  • Dry eye
  • Poor night vision
  • Eye strain
  • Floaters

We Can Help Resolve a Wide Variety of Internal Medicine Problems

CWInsomnia, GI Issues

The experience at Cherry Blossom is private, relaxing, and restorative

Elyse has been immensely helpful in helping me manage stress and sleep problems, digestion issues, among other things. When I fell on my bike a few weeks ago she helped me loosen up the shoulder that I fell on and get it back to normal in two sessions. The experience at Cherry Blossom is private, relaxing, and restorative. Elyse is very kind and is a great practitioner. Highly recommend!

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What is Holistic and Integrative Medicine?

We think of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as holistic and integrative medicine. TCM is able to address all aspects of a person’s health: the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the environmental influences that affect your health. It diagnoses and treats based on your specificity and uses all available tools to treat your health issues.

One of the tools our practitioners are not afraid to use is a referral to a western physician. TCM is a powerful medical tool, but there are many things western medicine is most adept at treating—especially acute injuries. The beauty of TCM is that it can work seamlessly with this sort of care.

You do not have to choose between TCM and western medicine but can get the best from both to maximize your healing.

When Should I Come in to Get Treated for Seasonal Allergies?

The best time to come in for treatment is in your “off-season,” or the time when your allergy symptoms are the least. Herbs and acupuncture help improve your immune system and retrain it to be less reactive to things it shouldn’t.

We especially like ramping up treatment about six weeks before allergies are expected to become full-blown. However, if you don’t have an “off-season” or you’re symptomatic right now, our acupuncturists can still reduce the severity of your symptoms.

How Long Does Herbal Medicine Take to Work for Acid Reflux?

Many herbal formulas that address internal medicine symptoms such as GI discomfort or allergies start to work immediately to reduce symptoms. For acid reflux specifically, we have herbal formulas that can be taken once discomfort begins to give you heartburn relief right away.

We also work with patients using herbal formulas and nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to prevent acid reflux from happening in the first place.

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat Insomnia?

Traditional Chinese Medicine can successfully treat insomnia. Our treatments can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Your acupuncturist will ask you specific questions about your insomnia and other symptoms you may experience. After a careful examination—including taking your pulse and looking at your tongue—your acupuncturist will develop a treatment plan that is specific to your unique TCM pattern. This treatment plan often includes acupuncture and a custom herbal formula.

What Herbs Are Good for Insomnia?

Insomnia is one of the most common conditions we treat. For insomnia, just one herb will not usually be enough. Herbal formulas are needed to address all aspects of insomnia. Our acupuncturists use a variety of herbal formulas (consisting of roughly 5-15 herbs) that nourish the body to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Some of our favorite herbs for insomnia that are often found in these formulas include:

  • Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra Fruit)
  • Long Yan Rou (Longan Fruit)
  • Suan Zao Ren (Zizyphus)
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Your Acupuncture Treatment Plan

Your journey to better health begins before you step through our doors. You'll be able to easily schedule an appointment online as well as fill out your health history form before you arrive at our office—maximizing conversational and treatment time with your acupuncturist.

At your first appointment, your acupuncturist will discuss your health history, get input from you on what your treatment goals are, and develop a treatment plan. They'll then treat you using whatever services are best suited to your specific symptoms.

Although plans vary depending on the patient, most typically run for four weeks. At the end of your first visit, your acupuncturist will give you a written treatment plan. At subsequent visits, you'll discuss your symptoms and whether they've improved, regressed, or stayed the same. Your acupuncturist will adjust the treatment plan based on your input and their ongoing diagnosis of your condition.

When your main complaint is resolved, you can reduce treatment or work on another symptom. Still thinking it over? Take a look at our Testimonials page to see what other patients are saying. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine—a Complete Medical System

TCM is a complete medical system—it’s not just for pain! TCM treats respiratory, ENT, GI, skin, and eye health concerns. Moreover, our acupuncturists can treat these symptoms along with whatever else you’re experiencing all at the same time. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, our acupuncturists are here to help you feel better.

Ready for our help? Head to our booking page and schedule your first appointment. If you’d like us to check your insurance benefits, we’d be happy to take care of that for you. We’re in-network with CareFirst/BlueCross and Aetna.

Be well,
The Cherry Blossom Team

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