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VYPain, Women's Health

I absolutely recommend Cherry Blossom Healing Arts.

Xudong is extremely Knowledgeable and has helped me with many issues I’m dealing with regarding back/neck pain and issues with regulating my cycle. She has also provided me with traditional Chinese herbs which have addressed many of the issues I have dealt with.

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SMNeck Pain, Thyroid Issues

Elyse is truly a healer

I was diagnosed with severe thyroid disease several months ago, and decided to hold off on my doctor's stern orders to begin medication and discuss surgery, in order to try Chinese herbs and acupuncture. I found Elyse and I have noticed measurable and consistent improvement in my symptoms, which is much more than I expected for only a few weeks of working with her.

Elyse has an excellent bedside manner and is obviously fluent in all aspects of Chinese medicine. She's patient and really listens to you (unlike every Western-practicing doctor I've seen since my diagnosis), asks the right questions, and though I have effectively moved and it is no longer as convenient as before for me to see her, I won't see anyone else. If I had to get on a plane to see her, I would. She's just the best.

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CWInsomnia, GI Issues

The experience at Cherry Blossom is private, relaxing, and restorative

Elyse has been immensely helpful in helping me manage stress and sleep problems, digestion issues, among other things. When I fell on my bike a few weeks ago she helped me loosen up the shoulder that I fell on and get it back to normal in two sessions. The experience at Cherry Blossom is private, relaxing, and restorative. Elyse is very kind and is a great practitioner. Highly recommend!

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Helped me with my fibromyalgia pain

Cherry Blossom Healing Arts has helped me so much with my fibromyalgia pain. The treatments were so therapeutic and relaxing and the staff all know what they are talking about and take the time to really listen to you and how your body is feeling so they can accurately help you according to your needs that day. I can't give enough thanks to both Elyse and Anna for everything they do for people who can't find pain relief elsewhere.

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GGstress, constipation

Zach is great!

Because he is a good listener, he has been applying the proper treatment, which has helped me to get better.

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SPBack pain

Elyse has a gift!

I have found so much relief managing whole body health but specifically addressing hypothyroidism and chronic back pain with Cherry Blossom Healing Arts. Elyse is SUPER attentive at every visit, listening to exactly what may be "bothering" you that week/day.

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Treatment is tailored for me and my stressors

I have been a patient at Cherry Blossom Healing Arts for many years. The service I have received has been top notch. While I have received effective treatments for pain, most recently, my treatments have focused on stress. 2020 has been a challenging time, the care I received has helped me cope with everyday stress. Treatment is tailored for me and my stressors. It has made 2020 not so bad.

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Elyse changed my life!

I went to Elyse to see if I could improve my fertility, and as I write this, I am 2 weeks away from my due date, and feel certain that I would not be pregnant without the help of Elyse.

In addition to being an expert in her field, she is an incredible person. I looked forward to our sessions as much for the healing as I did for our conversations. I truly enjoyed every visit, and would still be working with her, had I not moved. In fact, having to part with Cherry Blossom Healing Arts was one of the most difficult parts of my cross-country move!

Regardless of your situation, Elyse and CBHA can help. What incredibly good fortune to anyone who's path crosses with hers. I am forever grateful, without a way to ever express my deep gratitude. Maybe paying it forward by leading others to her is a start? It is also the least I can do! Thank you, Elyse, for helping make my dream of becoming a mother a reality!

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...it has really taken my personal health to a whole new level.

Started coming to deal with stress in my life and they have been amazing—between techniques and Chinese herbs it has really taken my personal health to a whole new level.

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CCInsomnia, Digestion

Elyse and her team are amazing

The office and rooms are so cozy, and the service and treatment always leave me feeling relaxed and grounded. Elyse has a gift not just for acupuncture, but for listening and making you feel positive and at your best. She has tweaked treatments and herbs to address specific issues (such as sleep and digestive troubles), and they have made a difference. Her warm and responsive care is truly special. If you are looking for somewhere to support your health and wellness, Cherry Blossom Healing Arts is the place.

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The sessions were very calming and restorative

I sought out Cherry Blossom Healing Arts at 32 weeks pregnant, hoping they could help turn my breech baby. Zach was extremely professional, treating not only the breech but also addressing back pain resulting from the pregnancy. The sessions were very calming and restorative. After a few weeks of treatment my back improved and the baby had turned head down. I’m grateful to Zach and Cherry Blossom for their professional and effective treatment.

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DDInsomnia, Stress

You have to come see Elyse

I was very anxious when I came to the Cherry blossom healing arts for my initial appointment. You get frustrated in trying to relay your health concerns and hoping a care provider has a sufficient answer for you. Instead, Elyse guides you through your own concerns about your overall well being. She is very knowledgeable, affable, and strives to make the setting as comfortable as possible.

I had given up on anything related to health providers because they would be reading a chart and not listening or seeking to understand where my well being stood. Holistic is the way to go and on that journey, you have to start at Cherry blossom Healing arts first. I promise you will not regret and will thank yourself later. Elyse rocks my socks so let her do the same for you!

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KYAcute Ankle Pain

I highly recommend Cherry Blossom

I have been going to Cherry Blossom for almost a year. I always appreciate how helpful Elyse is by how carefully she listens to what is going on and how many ideas she has to help improve how I am feeling. Her treatments have helped me deal with an autoimmune disease I have and have helped me adjust to moving to the DC area. Recently, I went to her with an acute injury. I had a bad sprained ankle. I was amazed at the improvement after one session with Elyse.

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APHeadaches, Neck Pain

Worth the drive from Baltimore!

My daughter has been going to Cherry Blossom Healing Arts for over two years. I finally went while visiting in DC. What an amazing experience. I would highly recommend this wonderful place. My first appointment was with Anna, and she was absolutely fantastic. I already made my next appointment as soon as I knew when I would be in the area again. Their office is extremely relaxing, clean, and easily accessible. Worth the drive from Baltimore!

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No one does it better!

Good health is a person's greatest possession, but it requires work and commitment. I was pulled to visit Cherry Blossom Healing Arts some years ago and meet its Director, Dr. Elyse Rohrer Budiash (Dr. Elyse), after a friend who is a student of alternative medicine remarked that "life happens, acupuncture helps." The Cherry Blossom approach has made me come to believe in it. Yes, the ‘pin’ is mightier than the sore, and acupuncture is more than just a jab!

Today, Cherry Blossom is the first place I go if I have pain or feel my body is off balance. No one does it better! Dr. Elyse and her Cherry Blossom team instill trust, bring calm, and make you comfortable about your well-being. Knowledge and expertise are evident throughout each treatment session, tailored to your needs. The combination of acupuncture, herbalism, and excellent diagnosis has resulted in a carefully thought-out and reasoned insertion of needles (or cupping) each time!

As the owner and Director of Cherry Blossom, Dr. Elyse is much more than a highly qualified practitioner. She combines proficiency with her quest for research, experimentation, and continuing study. She is absolutely on the ‘point’ when she says on her webpage, "I'm 100% a healer who loves to help people feel better!" I highly recommend Dr. Elyse and her team. Alternative medicine is, after all, more than the sum of its parts. It is best administered in a caring environment like Dr. Elyse and her team at Cherry Blossom!

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ELDepression, Anxiety, and Reproductive Health

...a game-changer...

I've been going to Cherry Blossom Healing Arts for almost 3 years now, and it's been an incredible experience. Elyse is an absolute gem. She's not only friendly and professional but also incredibly gentle in her approach. Her treatments have been a game-changer for my depression, anxiety, and reproductive health. The clinic has a calming vibe that I absolutely love. Highly recommended!

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ACMenstrual Regulation, Cystitis

I couldn’t be more pleased

I see Elyse every week to manage irregular periods and bladder pain and have noticed a huge difference since beginning treatment with acupuncture and herbs.

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PMNeck Gua Sha

I felt great relief after just one session of Gua Sha

After a few months of working from home, I started experiencing a tension and pain in my neck that I'd not felt before. I couldn't find any stretch that seemed to help, but I felt great relief after just one session of Gua Sha with Zach. The treatment released all of the tension from my neck and I felt better immediately. While I admit to feeling hesitant after hearing Gua Sha first described as scraping, the treatment wasn't painful at all, and was actually quite relaxing!

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Definitely one of the best acupuncturists I have had

I've been seeing Elyse for about a year and I am so happy to have found such a great acupuncturist! Definitely one of the best acupuncturists I have had, I feel really valued as a patient. Not only is she highly skilled, as the medical reasons I went to see her for in the first place have improved, but the atmosphere of the office is welcoming, soothing, and relaxing. I would highly recommend going to see her! She also takes insurance, which is awesome.

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WSStress, Insomnia, Back Pain

Cherry Blossom delivers on every level!

I started seeing Elyse at Cherry Blossom Healing Arts four years ago and it has improved my life significantly! Before I started treatment, I didn't believe acupuncture worked and now I'm converted! Elyse has fixed some old medical issues and helps me manage my ongoing and new ailments. From the effectiveness of the treatment to the warm and inviting office, Cherry Blossom delivers on every level. When the office could finally reopen after COVID lockdown, I made an appointment immediately because I knew Cherry Blossom would follow the highest level of safety protocols and make sure I could continue treatment without risking my health. Cherry Blossom is a great place with fantastic people, especially Elyse!

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...she went above and beyond to help me recover!

Qianlei treated me for severe digestive and gastrointestinal issues. I noticed her acupuncture needling technique stood out amongst most other TCM practitioners. Amazingly, they generally didn't hurt.

Qianlei was professional, patient, supportive, friendly, and followed up without missing a beat. I was most impressed that she went above and beyond to help me recover! Her infectious enthusiasm and belief in TCM kept me going, especially at times when I was in so much pain and wondered whether my health would ever normalize. Needless to say, I eventually recovered!

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EBAnemia, GI

Elyse has turned my health around...

Elyse has turned my health around in the six months since I started seeing her for acupuncture and herbs. Before then, I needed constant medical attention for anemia and other issues. Not only did Elyse heal me with acupuncture and herbs, but she gave me guidance on diet and other lifestyle habits to aid in the healing process. Elyse is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I would recommend her to anyone that has a serious health concern, or just wants to feel like their best possible self.

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I feel safe, warm, and well cared for every treatment.

I have been going for weekly acupuncture treatments at Cherry Blossom Healing Arts since early 2019 and have been blown away by my experience. Both Anna and Elise are consummate professionals with a tremendous body of knowledge to share. They are also warm, personable, and thoughtful in the application of their practice. I feel safe, warm, and well cared for every treatment. Their facility is spotless and conveniently located; their treatment rooms are clean, cozy, and smell AMAZING. They also have an incredibly easy online booking system and a wonderful front desk staff. I would recommend them 5x over.

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HWPerinatal Care, Pregnancy Support

Acupuncture has become essential to my personal well-being

When I first met Elyse, I was skeptical of acupuncture and needles! Little did I know how much she would change my life for the better. Elyse provides a holistic approach to wellness that incorporates acupuncture, herbs, and education into her practice.

For example, Elyse has helped me during many difficult pregnancies and pregnancy losses—without her kindness, innovative and holistic approach, and the ability to see me weekly, when I needed her, I would not have been able to get through as easily.

Acupuncture has helped me in so many ways, and I have continued to make it a part of my daily health routine as it has become essential to my personal well-being. Thank you!!

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KGAnxiety, Digestion

...I just wanted to share how incredibly freeing it has been for me

I've been going to Cherry Blossom for about 6 months and I just wanted to share how incredibly freeing it has been for me. I don't experience much pain, but our sessions have focused on my digestion, circulation, and anxiety. Elyse has a gift that allows me to feel more connected to myself through the acupuncture. On the day of my treatment and the next, I could really feel my body's circulation and energy flow improve greatly. Thank you again, I am so grateful for your work.

The office space is so warm and intimate too. Elyse listens and allows for the space to really recognize the places we need healing. Her warmth and intuition has guided her to treating me in ways that are really making a difference. I was hesitant about acupuncture, but it provides a real avenue to wellness. The first few sessions, I left feeling much worse than I had when I arrived, but a few hours later I began to feel so much clearer. I just needed to relax and allow acupuncture to begin doing its work.

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LLInsomnia, Anxiety

A Wonderful Place to Relax

Cherry Blossom Healing Arts is a wonderful place to relax and give your body exactly what it needs. My sleep and anxiety have gotten so much better since I started acupuncture. Elyse is very gentle and attentive, she listens to my concerns carefully and makes each session unique.

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JNWomen's Health

I Truly Feel Heard

I've been coming here for the last month and have been really impressed with the level of care I've received. I've had acupuncture before, but never to this quality. Many places in DC are open rooms with separators in between. However, Cherry Blossom handles everything like a true healthcare provider. All appointments are held in separate rooms with the needed medical supplies. You are given a hospital gown to change into so they can reach any acupuncture point needed. It's a true health professional experience.

Most importantly, the service I've received has been great. I've been seeing Zach for the last month and truly feel heard. As a woman, I can often feel ignored but he listens to all my concerns and addresses everything accordingly. I'm still in the middle of my treatment butI'm really happy with the care and treatment I've received so. Zach makes sure to tailor each visit to all my current health concerns/needs.

If you are seeking a quality acupuncture experience, go to Cherry Blossom Healing Arts!

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JSNeuropathic Pain

Cherry Blossom Healing arts has been a godsend—especially in the pandemic

I have been seeing Elyse since 2014 for various ailments. I love that CBHA's philosophy is to work in tandem with western medicine—it is great to see a holistic approach! Elyse served as a welcome respite in 2017 when I had ophthalmologic shingles. After the shingles past, I still have recurring nerve tingles/pain through my head and face. When I approached my doctor, she said that pain is not common but totally normal, and I could experience it for the rest of my life.

The pain was uncomfortable and not in a manageable place. Elyse has worked through not only acupuncture but also herbs to make this pain manageable. In the pandemic—I experienced anxiety, sleep issues, and the recurrence of pain. While I could not come in for acupuncture, Elyse worked via telemedicine to help get my sleep on track and ease my anxiety through herbs.

I have been very impressed how CBHA has deployed technology to meet the needs of their patients and ensure that our well-being comes first.

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CPMigraines, Dysmenorrhea

Compassionate magical woman

Elyse is an angel- she takes so much time to get the whole picture and fully understand your mind and body.

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I would completely recommend telemedicine with Cherry Blossom Healing Arts

I've been doing appointments virtually for about 5 months now, initially for nutrition planning. When I found out I had Lyme Disease Elyse really worked with me on not only diet but also supplements and other ways to help me recover, adding new suggestions and adjusting as needed. Always willing to listen, I feel comfortable knowing I can check in with questions at any time. After trying a custom herbal medicine mixture for the first time recently my most annoying symptom seems to have disappeared. I'm so glad I found Cherry Blossom!

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EPchronic headaches

Elyse has been an integral part of getting my headaches under control

For years I have suffered from chronic headaches, Elyse has been an integral part of getting my headaches under control. After four months of treatment, I have seen a dramatic reduction in headache occurrence and severity. Five star rating!!

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CSLow Back Pain

After one visit, I was a believer!

I was a naysayer about acupuncture. I couldn't imagine how it would make a difference. After one visit, I was a believer. I've been going for 8 months—sometimes every other week, sometimes every three or four weeks—and it's very useful. In fact, when I don't go, my body misses it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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BDNeck Pain, Migraine

I always feel cared for

Elyse listens and then figures out what treatment will work. Caring, kind, knowledgable, and communicative.

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VSSleep, Stress, Pain, Allergies

You can feel the difference from the first visit

Very grateful to have found this place. I would recommend Cherry Blossom to anyone facing issues with sleep, pain, stress, seasonal allergies etc...

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EKNeck Pain, Cupping

Elyse and Cherry Blossom Healing Arts have truly been life-changing

After suffering from chronic neck pain for decades, the consistent use of both acupuncture and cupping has been the only treatment that has noticeably helped my pain levels dissipate and become manageable. Cherry Blossom Healing Arts is such a welcoming, empathetic and modern space - a true reprieve from a busy world - for its clients. I'm also so proud to be able to support a local woman-owned business!

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