Health Benefits of Enjoying Washington DC’s Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Most people will argue that spring is the most beautiful season in Washington, DC. There’s nothing quite like walking along the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial and taking in the sea of pink when DC’s famous cherry blossoms reach peak bloom.

How Can Being in Nature Improve Your Health? 

Being in nature, among the cherry blossoms near the Tidal Basin in DC can certainly improve your mood and health. Seeing flowers can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve feelings of depression and anxiety. Studies have shown that being in proximity to plants can even improve concentration and speed the body’s healing processes. Being in nature and among the blossoms can help your nervous system relax and regulate. It’s like allowing your body to take a deep breath. 

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, being among the cherry blossoms can improve Qi flow, Blood flow, and calm the shen (spirit). This in turn can decrease pain and improve sleep quality and quantity. When your circulation improves, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, your body can relax and focus on nourishment and restoration.

Tips for Enjoying DC’s Cherry Blossoms if you Suffer from Allergies

Most people adore the cherry blossoms of spring, but while we are loving the beauty they bring, many feel that they bring with them more allergies, especially in Washington, DC where allergy season seems to get longer and longer. 

Here are some tips for enjoying the blossoms if you are an allergy sufferer:

  1. Consider wearing a mask and sunglasses while you take in the beautiful blossoms. This will help shield your eyes and nose from pollen particles. 
  2. Before you head to the Tidal Basin, Jefferson Memorial, and Hains Point/Potomac Park be sure to take your Chinese herbs for allergies. They will definitely help with preventing symptoms. Our customized herbal formulas are amazing for knocking out congestion, runny noses, and itchy eyes.
  3. When you get home, be sure to wash your face and eyes and then use either a saline nasal spray a neti pot to wash the pollen out of your nose. 

Nature is amazing for lowering cortisol and reducing stress and the beauty of the cherry blossoms (called sakura in Japanese) are such a fleeting highlight of the year that it would be a shame to miss them because of allergies.

Enjoy the Fleeting Beauty of Cherry Blossoms

The ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms shows us that life is short and we must stop to enjoy beauty. If we let it pass us by, we will be missing out on one of the most beautiful things in our city. Thankfully, the cherry blossoms that come once a year as the heralder of spring in Washington, DC remind us to slow down, breathe, and focus on the beauty of the world around us. 

Do You Need a Spring Tune-Up?

If you are in need of a  little extra support for allergies or adjusting to the weather changes that can come with the cherry blossoms of spring, then give acupuncture and herbal medicine a try. Your acupuncturist will use your tongue, pulse, medical history, and current symptoms to create a custom treatment plan that is just for you — because you deserve to feel better. To get started, head to our booking page and schedule your first appointment. If you’d like us to check your insurance benefits, we’d be happy to take care of that for you. Our acupuncture clinic in Washington, DC is in-network with CareFirst/BlueCross and Aetna.

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