How to Prepare Your Chinese Herb Granules Formula

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Herbs are Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) magic in a bottle. Imagine bottling the best of your acupuncture treatment goals and being able to treat yourself every single day at home – that’s exactly what herbal medicine made just for you can do.

We work to treat both your root issues — as well as the symptoms you’re experiencing — or branch concerns. You can think of herbal medicine as the internal medicine branch of TCM.

What are the Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine?

There are many benefits of Chinese herbal medicine. Herbal medicine:

  • Extends your treatment – Chinese herbs are a great way to get the benefits of TCM every day
  • Fewer side effects than prescription drugs
  • Addresses root causes, not just symptoms
  • Improves digestion, better sleep quality, improved mood, easier periods and relief from PMS symptoms, fewer night sweats and hot flashes, more energy, relief from acid reflux, and many more!

Why do we Customize Herbs Just for You?

You are unique. 

You have a particular constitution, lifestyle, and genes. You are unlike anyone else with health goals that are yours alone. We know that, and that’s why we customize your herbs just for you. 

Are we able to make you a Chinese herbal formula that treats insomnia, spotting before your period, and indigestion? The answer is YES! We make custom Chinese herbal medicine just for you. It’s intended for your body only. Our patients are often astounded by the results they experience.

Chinese Herb Granules
Custom Chinese Herb Granules Formula

How to Take Chinese Herb Granules

Mix the herbs in ½ to 1 cup of warm water and stir until dissolved. Then drink the warm tea. I like to start with warm water, get them dissolved, and then add a bit of room temperature water to cool it down a bit and make it easier to drink. 

Take your herbs as directed. Your bottle will tell you how many scoops to take and how many times per day to take them. It will also be indicated when to take your herbs, it’s typically best to take them a little bit before or after eating (30 minutes is a good rule of thumb) and one hour apart from your medications.  

How to Take Chinese Herb Granules

Chinese Herbs are a Great Way to Extend your Treatment

Get the most out of TCM treatments even at home. Chinese herbs are a great adjunct therapy to acupuncture because it’s a great way to extend the effects of your treatment. Think of it as getting a treatment every day. Your acupuncturist will use your tongue, pulse, medical history, and current symptoms to create a customized herbal formula made just for you — because you deserve to feel better. To get started, head to our booking page and schedule your first appointment. If you’d like us to check your insurance benefits, we’d be happy to take care of that for you. We are in-network with CareFirst/BlueCross, Aetna, and the VA Community Choice Network.

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