Ezra Gross

Office and Billing Manager

Pronouns: he/they

Cherry Blossoms

Embracing Holistic Values in Healthcare Management

Hi, I’m Ezra, Cherry Blossom Healing Arts’ Office and Billing Manager. I grew up around holistic medicine, since my mom is a chiropractor. I got my first administrative experience helping out in her office as a teenager, and found I had a knack for it. However, it was my own experiences as a patient that drew me to working in healthcare. I believe that we all deserve to feel welcomed, valued, and understood, and I love being part of an office that embraces those values.

Cherry Blossoms

Come As You Are

Being fat, queer, and disabled, my own relationship with healthcare through the years has been complex. I’ve seen how painful it can be to seek help from a practice that views my body as a problem to be solved, and how wonderful it is to work with a practice that is truly invested in meeting me where I am in my health journey.

While your provider will be your main partner in your health journey, I’m honored to provide support along the way. Whoever you and whatever brings you to us, I’m here to help, whether that’s by scheduling your next appointment, appealing an insurance claim, or just greeting you with a warm welcome.

Cherry Blossoms

There Are No Bad Questions

I believe that healthcare shouldn’t be confusing, but there’s no denying that it can be, especially where insurance is involved.

I believe strong communication is one of the keys to a positive healthcare experience, and I want you to know what to expect.

If you need clarification about your appointments, insurance benefits, or billing, feel free to ask! I always appreciate questions since they teach me how to explain concepts more clearly.

We Care About Your Experience!

WSStress, Insomnia, Back Pain

Cherry Blossom delivers on every level!

I started seeing Elyse at Cherry Blossom Healing Arts four years ago and it has improved my life significantly! Before I started treatment, I didn't believe acupuncture worked and now I'm converted! Elyse has fixed some old medical issues and helps me manage my ongoing and new ailments. From the effectiveness of the treatment to the warm and inviting office, Cherry Blossom delivers on every level. When the office could finally reopen after COVID lockdown, I made an appointment immediately because I knew Cherry Blossom would follow the highest level of safety protocols and make sure I could continue treatment without risking my health. Cherry Blossom is a great place with fantastic people, especially Elyse!

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